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‘Just Google it’

At the center of this weeks reading by Siva Vaidhyanathan’s  The Googlization of Everything (and why we should worry) (2011) is the power dynamic between a corporation like Google and all of us. Siva brings up some valid points and questions and even a solution to the mess of it all, the ‘Human Knowledge Project’. Even … Continue reading

Final Project Idea

Topic: Over the summer I read an article about the controversial hash tags  #ana , #thinspiration, and #mia (the list could go on)  that women, particularly young women, have been using on Instagram.  The hash tag #ana is short for the eating disorder anorexia and is used by Instagram users to glorify the eating disorder. … Continue reading

Digital Storytelling: BBC’s Digital Storytelling & StoryCorps

Digital storytelling, as explained in the first chapter of Story Circle (2009) is a “workshop-based practice in which people are taught to use digital media to create short audio-video stories, usually about their own lives” (Hartley & William,1).    I chose to look at BBC’s digital storytelling which began in 2001.  The website is home to dozens … Continue reading